OA Korea Holds Leadership Conference for Missions

In order to reach out to one hundred countries by the year 2020, the mission leaders who attended the Missions Forum had time to share the current status of the world mission and reports last week.

Reverend Simon Jang, the president of OA Korea, shared the message and spiritual guidance of the Forum. He also testified that we are standing in historic time and place of [Isaiah 54: 2-3].

“Our G20 Forum has a deeper meaning. We are at a historical time when the mission develops greatly. I thought [Isaiah 54:2] was a distant vision. But we are in the very spot now. We made headquarters first. Now it is time to settle the centers of each region. And the next step is to build the mission network in G20 countries.”

“Now is the time to wake up. History changes very quickly. The Kingdom of God comes closely. We set very precise weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. At this point, as ministries grow rapidly, there is a mountain that we must join to overcome together. After going over this mountain, there comes a time of great revival. Let’s keep this direction in our mind sincerely. “

Following the sermon, Pastor Daniel So, the General Secretary of OAK, shared the agenda and atmosphere of the Forum and the direction of the world headquarters. In particular, he emphasized the roles of Korea at this time. 

Pastor So shared about our identity as members of the body to fulfill the dream of the Kingdom of God. And all ministries follow the example of the Bible with the hope of His Kingdom, to save one more soul. It was emphasized that we must realize clearly the salvation of souls, the essence of our mission.