Faith & Family Korea Holds Family Seminar


On May 26th, a family seminar hosted by the Faith and Family Foundation of Korea (hereafter referred to as the “FFF”) was held at Antioch Church.

This seminar, organized for the Family Month, May, was designed to help the members of FFF to stand firm as the foundation of heaven, focusing on two key themes of family and child care.

The schedule consisted of the messages of the delegation by the representative of FFF Korea, the two lectures on the theme of family and child care (school), and the jubilee prayer meeting.

First, Pastor Eunhye Kim shared greetings with the participants. Pastor Kim emphasized to live with the standards of high spirituality saying, “In order to follow the historical path that God has opened, as He called the family of faith, we needed a long spiritual training. Everything about couple’s problems and children’s problems already are answered in the Bible. When we live according to the word, everything can be resolved.”

In the first lecture that followed, Pastor Mark Shin dealt with the subject of “the Family of the Gospel.” Pastor Shin has testified that the only way to embody heaven and enjoy the God’s blessings of prosperity in the family, the basic unit of the community, is the Gospel and receiving the grace of God. He explained that we can gain victory in Satan’s test through the unity in the power of the Gospel by quoting [Ge. 2-3] and [Gal. 6].

Pastor Shin said, “In the end, it is always a problem of the Gospel. We should deeply understand and comfort each other in the path of Jesus who showed us how to self-lower. Let us become victorious families that are full of grace before God, and share the overflowing love with spouse and children.”

Secondly, Pastor Cecilia Kwon delivered a lecture on “the Education for Next Generation to Be Distinguished Holy”. Pastor Kwon testified the real need of our school, the love of God for our children, and the power of God revealed through the union of parents even in the fierceness that she has experienced in the Olive Academy in the three US regions.

Pastor Kwon said, “I realized how important it is for our school to be established to build up our children as people of God. Even in the midst of harsh situations, we experienced God’s power and work when we wanted to hold on to God’s will. We believe that God will give us the best place when we gather together regularly to pray for our children and schools.”

FFF Korea said, “We hope that the members could recall the divine will that God has placed in our families, and to be able to take on the precious mission as the foundations of the kingdom of heaven.”