Asia Pacific Leadership Conference Concluded Successfully in God’s Grace

The 2nd Asia Pacific leadership conference, which was held for 2 days on August 18th & 19th at OAPC, concluded successfully in God’s grace.

This conference was held right after the summer retreat as the national representatives came to gather together for the events. This time, the conference progressed with the regional mission goal of 100,000 members. There were mission report from each country, mission strategies of OAPC & OAAP  till the 28th WGA of 2020, and OA national representatives’ meeting for actual mission stratiegies and its execution.

For the closing service, Pastor Simon Jang, the representative of OAAP, delivered message taken from [Proverbs 16:1,9] and [Acts 28]. He said, “When we do God’s work, we need to always remember 3 things. Those are setting up goals, making strateigies, and praying. The goal of 100,000 members is the vision God gave us. It can seem far away, but we need to live with faith believing that we will fulfill it for sure, not losing the goal.” He continued, “During this conference, we had very beneficial and constructive discussion for the development of Asia Pacific region. This is the second conference, and I think God is letting us grow and enter into different dimension.”

In addition, he took [Proverbs 16:1,9] and mentioned, “Even if we make great strategies, we cannot accomplish it without God’s power. So it touched my heart deeply that we can only pray.”

Pastor Simon emphasized that the two main points of the message we should preach is ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘the kingdom of God.’ He said, “Let us look at apostle Paul who did not break down in the midst of difficulties and hardship. He learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. Resembling this great image of the apostle who went beyond all situations and proclaimed the Word boldly, resembling this passion, resembling his conviction for the future of this history, let us run diligently for the vision God gave us.”