OAPC Christmas Retreat Concluded, “Comfort My People, Prepare the Lord’s Way”

On December 26, 2019, the Christmas retreat, filled with the truth and the Holy Spirit, concluded in grace with a closing service. During the four days, there were Bible study, service, and special lectures. During prayer and praise, the Holy Spirit poured out grace in the hearts of the participants.

Participants stood firmly on the foundation of the cross of Jesus Christ who came to earth in love, and responded to God with love with the determination to accomplish the kingdom of God. Pastor Simon Jang, the president of Asia Pacific Region, preached sermon for the closing service.

He preached with the passage from [Isa 40: 1-5]. “I thank God for the great grace that was given during the retreat. As we have started well, the closing service is a place where we offer all what God has given, giving thanks and glory, and make a decision to live well with the grace that we’re given. ”

“The most important person in Christmas is Jesus. The theme of Luke 2 is Jesus. This was an era when all the people should obey the wicked king. The Son of God was born in a manger. The Son of God came into the world of darkness. All the painful things in us can actually be comforted in Jesus who came to us in this way.”

“How many miserable lives are in this sinful world. This is the heart we must have after Christmas. God wants us to comfort those who are suffering. For we are comforted ones.
True comfort is forgiveness of sins. The time of imprisonment and prison life is over. We can comfort by delivering this good news.”

“Another prophet speaks. Prepare God’s way, make straight paths for Him in the wilderness and in the desert. So many are paving the way to receive the Lord.”

“To prepare the way of the Lord is to clean and prepare the way for all to see the Lord when He comes. It is to humble the proud, to honor the lowly, to share with the rich, to comfort the sad, and to fill the empty.”

“All this is possible only by the gospel of forgiveness of sins. The gospel is God’s love revealed through the life of Jesus Christ.”

“May you be the true comforters of our era. There is great joy we have received. We are not to receive this grace only to cherish, but should deliver the same we have received. Let’s preach this precious gospel, the name of Jesus Christ diligently with our best.”