Korea Dedicates First Moment of 2020 with New Year Service

The year began on January 1, 2020, when the first hour of the year was devoted to God by new year service. Following the announcement of the Top 10 news of OA Korea. After the Jubilee-Elim prayer meeting, on January 1, 2020, 0 o’clock, the first moment was offered to God in prayer.

Pastor Mark Shin, the president of OA Korea, prays for the New Year of Hope, at the first hour, and prays for the year to reveal God’s glory, to save souls, to be blessed, and to be the light of the world.

Pastor Shin read the passage [Gal 1: 1-3, Rom 8: 29-30], beginning the sermon, “I believe that 2020 will be a year of victory, a year of change, a year of fruition.” .

“It was so easy to preach the Gospel, because all the roads were laid in Rome at that time. The time came when the Greeks were well spoken, and when the borders were ready, the Lord Jesus came. And Paul was evangelized. Paul was an apostle appointed in the very historic moment. ”

“We are also in this extraordinary grace of God. The best value is in the calling of God. God compulsively sets up the ones he wants to build. We are weak and lacking, but God has led us to this place by the omnipotent grace. God has opened the door to us.”

“The Apostle was called to open a new world and awaken many, at a special time. We also know that this Bible is a living word. We are also able to do it.”

Pastor Shin finally reads [Dan 12: 2-3] with the saints and said, “Awake in 2020, let’s decide and pray. Victory is in prayer. Let it be a year of victory.”

With the closing praise, the saints praised their determination to stand by faith. After the service, each person drew the Bible scriptures of the year.