OA Asia Pacific Ministers Make Plans & Pray

On March 5th, ministers of Olivet Asia Asia Pacific (OA AP) had a discussion and prayer meeting for the works and the ministry.

Pastor Victor Ahn mentioned about receiving the Holy Spirit and being reborn is very important. All of the ministers should be empowered by the Holy Spirit and let others experience rebirth.

Also, we should also keep our focus on establishing Olivet Centers (OCs) in all the continents and G20 countries.

“Despite the difficulty of spreading disease, God is opening new ways for us. New mission channels will be opened up through this, and we also need to prepare for online evangelism,” said one of the leaders.

In the meantime, expanding the land of Olivet Asia Pacific Center (OAPC) keeps going on through numerous meetings with the owner. After the discussion and planning, the ministers prayed together with Elim Korea about the important prayer topics. It was a time of being strengthened and the ministers were able to have a clearer focus and concentration through this time.