Time to Pray More than Ever

In this period of Lent, where we draw closer to the Lord who went through suffering, the members in the church are meditating on the messages from the book of John chapters 14 through 17. Through the message, we come to know how the Lord went through suffering and pain still loving us unto the end.

When we come close to Jesus, call out to Him, we can get comfort and healing. We experience that all of our problems disappear.

At this time of the global pandemic of coronavirus, many people are suffering and the number of people getting infected is growing day by day. The prayer team is praying every day for the people around the world who are in agony. In this situation of the pandemic, we realize that humans are weak beings. It is time to pray more than ever, repent of our sins and draw closer to God.

We are practicing social distancing in each city, and one can easily feel lonely and stuffy. But if we take this time to pray to God, study the Word, learn, read the Bible, and exercise, we can turn this time as an opportunity for ourselves.

The ones who put their hope in the Lord will not fall into despair even in a time like this. We cannot fully understand the meaning of this happening, but we humbly seek God. This shall pass too, and we need to be prepared for what is coming the next in His will.