OAPC Begins Renovation Work in Preparation for the 30th WGA

On April 12th, the joint renovation project to prepare for the 30th WGA, which is scheduled to be held in Korea, began. This construction is the demolition of the mid-sized auditorium, one of the large-scale spaces in the main building of the OAPC, and pastors are participating in the construction together.

The schedule starts from the morning service at 5 AM, and construction continues after the meeting about the work from dawn. This time, the renovation work is to be done for five days. The mid-sized auditorium is planned to be renovated after the overall demolition.

The demolition has been discharging waste after Nehemiah’s preliminary work. In particular, as safety and physical strength are important as there are risks and hardships in the demolition work, the work team asked for prayer for this and for the strength of the pastors’ spirit and body. In addition, the Nehemiah Project is also being carried out to finance the work equipment.

Korea is the place where the history of our community began and is a land of blessings that God has nurtured for world missions in this era. To hold the 30th WGA in Korea, and preparing for it, will be an opportunity for a great transformation for Korea missions as well.

Let’s unite for the week-long construction schedule and furthermore for the successful hosting of the 30th WGA.