2022 Jubilee Mission Summer Camp Begins

On July 29, 2022, Jubilee Mission Camp, the summer retreat mainly attended by Youth members and mission leaders opened with an opening service. Following the worship and praise of Pastor William Choi, Pastor Mark Shin preached on [Romans 1-2] as the main text. During the message, he first mentioned our sin and emphasized that we need a savior Jesus.

The main theme of the retreat is ‘the conviction in salvation’. Salvation is the Lord’s love for us, and it is not shaken according to our sins and conditions.

Also, through [Romans 1:18-], he pointed out that the root of sin is ungodliness, that is, arrogance before God. Pastor Shin pointed out that arrogance, which affected by Satan, is in us, and we work hard to exalt ourselves.

Then, referring to [Romans 2], he pointed out that believers also did not put God in their hearts, so they ended up bearing the same fruits of sin.

He emphasized that we can never overcome sin unless we have God in our hearts, and that we will only lead a miserable life, and emphasized that there is no other way but Jesus.

The participants listened to the message attentively, with the heart of wanting to know the truth of the Bible through the opportunity.