OAPC Sunday Service: God Answers Our Prayers Quickly

On July 9, 2023, Sunday service was held at OAPC’s Gratia Hall. During the service, Pastor Jeonghwan Shin delivered a sermon based on Luke 18:1-9 under the title, ‘Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?’ The message is that we should live a life entrusted to the Lord wholeheartedly until it is fulfilled with faith in a right relationship with God, who hears our prayers and answers them quickly. The members who attended the service received great grace and strength from the message.

Here is the main summary of the sermon:

We must have faith in the God whom Jesus introduces. We must look back at ourselves through the teachings of Jesus’ parables to see if our relationship with God is right. In particular, we must have evangelical thoughts and biblical thoughts. Is there not a deep distrust within us of God, thinking ‘God will not listen to my prayers. My prayers will be answered slowly?’

God is not the one who deliberately doesn’t give and makes people wait. He is kind to those whom he chooses and responds quickly. Think of the blessings we have received. None of those grace and blessings were obtained because we were prepared. It came with love that was freely given to sinners and poured out overflowingly to those in need. In particular, we experienced that God answers to those who devoted themselves to the kingdom of the Lord quickly and swiftly. In fact, God is faster. To those who pray and live with earnest wishes, the message is always an answer for them.

The precious thing about the woman in the parable is that she went to visit the judge every day with an earnest heart to resolve her plea and even turned the unjust judge around with her cry. The judge granted the request, knowing that the widow would trouble him until her plea was resolved. The hope for that resentment is so great. In this parable, Jesus asks if we, the chosen, have a plea like the widow. Do we have earnest wishes that must be done?

The earnest wish of Christians is the salvation of souls and the realization of the Kingdom of God. Remember whoever has that wish. Even an unjust judge grants a wish, how much more so will God quickly grant the earnest wishes of His chosen ones? Let us hold on to our earnest wishes with faith and conviction, and live on praying.