Thanksgiving Sunday Service “Give Thanks to God”

The Thanksgiving service was held at OAPC Gratia Hall on November 19. The chapel was decorated with the fruits and hearts each believer had prepared, and a service was held to meditate on the grace God had given and give sincere thanks.

At the worship service, Pastor Jeonghwan Shin preached a sermon titled “Give Thanks to God” based on the Bible passage from 2 Thessalonians 2:13-15.

Paul told the Thessalonians that we always and rightly have something to be thankful for. It is that we are under God’s plan of salvation, who knows us, calls us, saves us, and glorifies us. In addition to individual salvation, those who are chosen must deeply understand that God’s plan for the salvation of mankind and universal salvation is the will that God placed in those who were chosen first and must live according to that will.

We must also know that there is pain when the ones who were called do not respond. Based on such history, among the many who were chosen first, we must become those who live according to God’s will with deeper confession of gratitude and fear.

Our true gratitude lies in opening our eyes so that we can respond to this amazing calling of God and participate in His work. Let us become those who approach the Lord for this will of God, which we should always be thankful for.