Hong Kong Church Serves during the Chinese Ministers Gathering

Hong Kong members served the coming Ministers Retreat was held on February 14 to 17 during Lunar New Year.

As the retreat was held in Hong Kong, local leaders played crucial roles in serving Chinese members. On fields of communication with retreat venue, transportation, and arrangement of a Japanese & Korean BBQ dinner party. Much work such as researching and contacting with camp, tour bus company, and restaurant was done. Also Hong Kong leaders have to tightly connect with China OA leaders to make every arrangement smooth and finished without avoidable mistakes.

On the other hand, one of the Hong Kong leaders also served as OTM teacher and local tour guide for teenagers and teachers.

Hong Kong members participated in this work with gratitude. One leader shared, “It is a blessing for Hong Kong to serve as a city suitable for gathering. This brings challenges to us, but greater blessings. Please pray for us to serve China and overseas leaders with joyful hearts.”