OA Korea Exhorts Churches to Use Methodology of Paul & Peter

In missionary work, great emphasis was placed on understanding Peter’s methodology and Paul’s methodology well and freely utilizing them in evangelism. Accordingly, OA Korea requested that all mission leaders be familiar with both of these methods and prepare to use them according to the target.

The two methodologies are key ways to explain the necessity of Jesus Christ and His love of redemption following the differences in perception of sin between the chosen people and the Gentiles.

Paul’s methodology is suitable for Gentiles, that is, those without faith or pagans. This methodology follows the order of Romans, especially Romans 1. This methodology teaches God’s wrath, eternal punishment, and sins resulting from ungodliness to understand the need for Jesus Christ.

Peter’s methodology targets the chosen people, like the sermon in [Acts 3]. This method is suitable for those who are believers but have not had a personal encounter, those who have not been regenerated, lost sheep, or those whose faith has cooled. The purpose of this is to deeply understand the sin of killing Jesus and for them to truly meet Jesus Christ.

All the souls can be captured by the Word of the Lord in the era of missions. Let us cultivate the net of the Word well and capture the many people that God will send.