OAPC Holds Meeting in Preparation for Easter Retreat

On February 15, the main staff of the Easter Retreat Preparation Committee held a meeting in the pastor’s office in the OAPC main building to form a preparatory team and decide on the schedule for future meetings.

The main staff contacted the heads of the facilities team, media team, overseas team, interpretation team, and others to form the committee team, and decided to hold a meeting with all team leaders next week.

This retreat will be hosted by Korea, and many overseas countries will also participate. To successfully host the Easter Retreat, they decided to share feedback on the previous retreats, improve and complement any shortcomings, and make it a more developed gathering.

Pastor Jeonghwan Shin, chairman of the preparation committee for this Easter retreat, said, “I believe that 2024 will be a year of great revival. I hope that many souls will be evangelized at each mission field through this Easter retreat and that those souls will grow, and many souls will be saved through them. I hope it will be a retreat where many people can be evangelized.”