Amagi Center Sunday Service: “All of Them May Be One”

On March 17, a Sunday service was held at the Amagi Center, and Pastor Kentaro Tanigawa delivered a sermon titled “All of Them May Be One” from John 17:14-26.

Jesus prayed to God the Father for three main things for his disciples that he would leave behind in the world.

First, that He would protect them from the evil one; second, that He would sanctify them; and third, that they would all become one.

For the disciples to become one, it is important that God and man need to become one first. God’s love in the disciples and the presence of His Son Jesus in the disciples is what makes God and the disciples one.

“The unity that Jesus seeks” is not a unity that is achieved through human efforts, but a unity that is made possible by the presence of people in God the Father and His Son.

We would like to walk through this Lent season meditating on this parting prayer.